About Us


Make-it-Up was founded in 2015 by 3 little girls and their mom. 

It all started when an adorable 5 year old decided that all she wanted for her birthday was makeup. No doll, playhouse or even a video game could placate this little girl's desire for a makeup set of her own. So after hours of searching, with no results, mom did what any mother would have done, she came to the simple conclusion that they'd just have to make one!! 

As parents, the single most important people in our lives are our children, and there is nothing more rewarding than putting smiles on their faces. Which is exactly why Make-it-Up was born and is what the Make-it-Up brand strives for every day of the year.

After launching their flagship line of Glamour Girl pretend play makeup sets, their daughters got older and "pretend makeup" just didn't cut it anymore. So the Make-it-Up brand matured along with their family to offer a unique line of Eco friendly light and natural makeup products for their beginners to cosmetology.
As a family owned and operated business we view our customers not just as clients but family friends. We love to hear from you and take your suggestions seriously. If you're not totally satisfied with our products please reach out and let us know how we can improve. We're here to help!

Make-it-Up - Bringing the fun from our family to yours, year after year!


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